AXW Weekly Update

March 16, 2017 | Vol. LIV


‘Our Whisky’ sets out to break outdated whiskey stereotypes

The brand seeks to challenge perceptions of the stereotypical whisky drinker and unite the industry in a bid to “dispel common myths of who modern whisky drinkers are”. While today whisky has widespread appeal, the pair blame decades of “male-orientated advertising” for perpetuating the stereotype that the spirit is a “man’s drink” – a stereotype that is simply untrue. (Read More)


Gatorade Creates SXSW Pop-Up with Secret Room of High Tech Training Equipment

During the band’s SXSW activation, the attendees could try their hand at some quarterback drills at Gatorade’s pop-up store. Gatorade studies the best athletes in the world, in the lab and on the field, and no one knows their fueling needs better. Similar to previous activations, this G-store pop-up showcased innovation, spanning both products and tech. (Read More)


Powerade Turns to Humorous Hyperbole in “Some Kind of Power”

Powerade is powering up a new campaign, representing a switch in tone, in time for March Madness. Called “Some Kind of Power,” the campaign, from Wieden + Kennedy Portland, is kicking off today, during the First Four NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament games. The initial ads in a series of national TV spots to air this year pay tribute to great moments in sports by featuring an older bodega owner imagining what he could have achieved on the basketball court if he’d had Powerade to fuel him in his younger days. (Read More)



The Boston Celtics Are Using esports to Keep Fans Engaged, and Attract New Ones

The Boston Celtics are trying to transfer its success on the hardwood to success on the gaming front, as it prepares to join the upcoming NBA 2K League, the first esports league tied to the NBA. The line between esports and traditional pro sports leagues appears to be blurring, so much so that 17 NBA teams will be part of the new esports league created in partnership with Take-Two Interactive, the developer of the NBA 2K video game series. Once each franchise drafts the five gamers who are going to represent it, they’ll be members of their respective organizations next month. The players will get a contract and sponsorship deals, just as NBA players do. (Read More)



What Brands Produced for International Women’s Day

March 8th was International Women’s Day, and brands committed like never before to honoring women everywhere, especially in light of the #MeToo movement. Among many others, featured branded efforts included Barbie, Birchbox, Budweiser, GoPro, Google, HP, Johnnie Walker, McDonald’s, National Geographic, Old Navy, and The New York Times. (Read More)


Forget Facebook? Why Marketers Are Embracing Pinterest and Instagram

With 2.13 billion monthly users, Facebook has more reach than any other social network, but it’s not the best option for consumers to get ideas and enjoy visually pleasing experiences. In recent years, Pinterest and Instagram have filled that void. They’re a welcome alternative to Facebook’s status updates, political rants and personal milestones. The visual nature of Pinterest and Instagram puts more focus on imagery and style. Marketers are also finding Pinterest and Instagram to be upbeat, fun and conducive to advertising messages. (Read More)