AXW Weekly Update

February 23, 2018 | Vol. LI


Coca-Cola expands its instant slushy-making machine testing

The beverage giant unveiled its “Arctic Coke” machines for a nationwide test, with about 800 units in convenience stores across the country. Here is the concept: A rectangular “Arctic Coke cooler” keeps 20-ounce bottles of Coca-Cola brands at just below freezing, 30-degree Fahrenheit — compared to the typical 40 to 45 degrees. Put a bottle on the platform and, after an “invisible shiver” through the liquid, it transforms into a slushy within seconds. (Read More)


Coca-Cola says millennials are decimating sales of Diet Coke

Coca-Cola is trying to convince millennials to drink more Diet Coke. The beverage giant debuted new Diet Coke flavors, cans, and ads in January to try and attract new customers. Diet Coke has struggled to grow sales in recent years, due in part to evolving health trends. (Read More)



NYC giving away Dunkin’ coffee to get homeless into shelters

The Big Apple’s homeless now run on Dunkin’. The NYPD recently launched a program that uses hot cups of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to try to lure vagrants off the subways and into shelters. Cops and homeless-outreach workers are staffing a makeshift java bar inside the World Trade Center subway station, where they serve up free cups of joe to riders who spend their nights snoozing on the E train. (Read More)




Video Briefing: Amazon will soon distribute ad-supported streaming channels

Amazon’s Channels program has been a big hit for TV networks and digital publishers with subscription video streaming products. Soon, Amazon wants to open up advertising as another form of revenue for media partners that have ad-supported streaming apps. In the U.S., the Amazon Channels program offers subscriptions to top networks, including HBO, Showtime and CBS. (Read More)


How Chivas is working with the NBA to drive whiskey sales in China

Chivas Brother’s Scotch whiskey portfolio hit a sales upswing of 2.4% over the first half of the 17/18 financial year. In tandem with the vital Chinese market returning to growth, its landmark partnership with the NBA in the region has further bolstered sales. This performance of this campaign shows how Chivas is running localized marketing efforts across the globe. In China, as part of the NBA’s multi-year partnership, Chivas is running in-store activations, in addition to online sweepstakes and viewing parties. Furthermore, the sport, that is beloved in China features prominently in shops, bars and on TV. (Read More)


Nestle Waters’ sparkling new packaging signals major rebranding

Awash with new-look packaging: Poland Springs and five other regional brands are part of Nestlé Waters North America’s rebranding. Rebranding rides the sparkling water surge through a major packaging redesign for 25 SKUs across six regional brands featuring new products, the brand’s debut in cans and a proprietary new bottle. (Read More)


Pepsi Redesigns The Water Bottle

In an attempt to provide more–and healthier options–PepsiCo is unveiling a new beverage system that the company likens to a modern-day soda fountain. PepsiCo wants to rethink how and what consumers drink–and it has invented an entirely new system to give people a healthier alternative to soda. The company’s newest venture is centered on a 20-ounce reusable water bottle that comes with sets of flavor pods. (Read More)