AXW Weekly Update

February 02, 2018 | Vol. XLVIII


Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad stays on trend, focuses on diversity

This will be Coca-Cola’s 12th consecutive year having ad-space during the famous Super Bowl commercials. This year, Coca-Cola will be paying $5 million for every 30 seconds of air time. They will be bringing back their famous Hillside ad, which covers the topics of inclusivity and diversity. Coke has decided to show their ad for free ahead of the game, as they feel a topic such as this one is too important for the whole country not to have access to. (Read More)


Tour the Sponsors of the U.S. Bank Stadium, Home of the 2018 Super Bowl

The stadium was designed to look like ice floes colliding on frozen lakes. It is a thoughtful nod to the beauty of the Upper Midwest. U.S. Bank shelled out a reported $220 million for this exposure, and a slew of other brands paid for smaller placements. The 111.3 million fans that will be watching the game from their T.V.’s won’t be able to see the $220 million installation. However, they were more worried about the 70,000 attendees and the experience they have from the beginning to end. (Read More)


Professional Fighters League secures deals with NBC Sports and Facebook

PFL signs exclusive multi-platform distribution agreements for 2018 with NBC Sports Group and Facebook. This deal will reach 300 million MMA fans worldwide. Fans will able to stream the fight from not only their television, but their tablets, smart phones and any other connected devices. For viewers outside of the U.S., they will be able to stream for free on Facebook up to six hours of live footage with a 30-minute pre-fight show and a live 30 minute post-fight show. For U.S. fans they can stream the first three house of undercard coverage on Facebook before NBCSN presents the main fights. (Read More)




NFL, PepsiCo Team Up to Score Zero Waste at Super Bowl LII

PepsiCo teams with the NFL and Rush2Recycle for a no waste Super Bowl. This partnership will remove over 40 tons of stadium waste resulting in the removal of 90% of the game day trash, which will then be recycled. They have hired students to help fans recycle their materials, calling them ‘recycle ambassadors’. They estimate that tens of thousands of pounds of food and materials will be donated to shelters. (Read More)


How Minneapolis Brands Are Making a Lasting Impact on Their Home Turf

Minnesota, this year’s host of Super Bowl LII 50, is engaging in a series of initiatives to help the home turf. The Super Bowl’s host committee and founding partner 3M, is engaging in a legacy fund, offering grants to three Minnesota towns to promote a healthier and more active future for kids. Minneapolis agency Mono, is also focused on helping Super Bowl crowds and local children in need to stay warm with a hat service, called Cold AF. Proceeds will to go the charity Operation Warm. Super Bowl LII has already brought one business to Minneapolis called Cargo, which is a rideshare app. Cargo strategically chose Minneapolis over many other states, as there will a high demand for the Super Bowl attendees. (Read More)