AXW Weekly Update

January 19, 2018 | Vol. XLVI


Super Bowl: Minnesota Vikings would be right at home on the road

The Minnesota Vikings would be the visiting team if they advance to Super Bowl LII, at least officially. Unofficially, the Vikings will be anything but the road team if they secure a victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. It would become the first franchise to play a Super Bowl on its home turf. Super Bowl LII at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis is Feb. 4. (Read More)



Sentient Jet Expands 2018 Lifestyle Offering For Jet Card Members; Benefits Exceed $125,000

In private aviation’s version of the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog, the Exclusive Benefits guide from Sentient Jet for its members arrived in my inbox over the weekend. Sentient’s CEO Andrew Collins tells Private Jet Card Comparisons 12 partners have been added to its lifestyle offering for 2018, including a new partnership with The Eden Residence Club, waiving the $100,000 joining fee. (Read More)



Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip to Norway for Expedition to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault with Martha Steward & Support The Crop Trust

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault houses duplicates of seed conserved in gene banks all over the world. The Seed Vault, which opened in 2008, facilitates security conservation of seeds, comprising genetic material of importance for food and agriculture. The seeds that are safeguarded in Svalbard are of value for food and agriculture, and of importance for research, plant breeding, and education, in accordance with International laws, including the International Treaty for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. (Read More)




The Coca-Cola Company Announces New Global Vision to Help Create a World Without Waste

The Coca-Cola Company announced today that it is fundamentally reshaping its approach to packaging, with a global goal to help collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of its packaging by 2030. This goal is the centerpiece of the Company’s new packaging vision for a World Without Waste, which the Coca-Cola system intends to back with a multi-year investment that includes ongoing work to make packaging 100% recyclable. (Read More)


American Express posted a net loss for the first time in 25 years

American Express just posted its first net loss since 1992. In its latest quarterly earnings report on Thursday, the firm reported that it was $1.1 billion in the red. Spokesperson Marina Norville confirmed it’s the first time the company has posted a quarterly loss in about 25 years. In a press release, the company said the recent tax code overhaul was the culprit. (Read More)


Flexjet and Go Rentals Partner to Extend Red Label by Flexjet Service to Event Experiences

Flexjet LLC, offering travelers access to the world’s most luxurious fleet of private jets, today announced its partnership with Go Rentals, an elite car rental service company that exclusively serves the private jet industry. Not only will the alignment of the two companies benefit Flexjet Owners, but the relationship will also inspire and enhance unique experiences hosted by both companies. (Read More)


CES Report: As technology advances, assistance is the new battleground for growth

As attendees checked out the latest in technological advancements at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Google President of the Americas Allan Thygesen sat down with top marketing executives to talk about what the latest technology trends mean. Joining him at a C Space Storyteller Event were Dean Evans, CMO of Hyundai Motor America, and Keith Bryan, senior VP of media engagement & personalization for Best Buy. (Read More)


Stella Artois Teams Up with Matt Damon and for First Super Bowl Appearance Since 2011

Created by the agency Mother, “Taps” and the “Make Your Super Bowl Matter” campaign are the latest in the brand’s broader “Buy A Lady A Drink” effort, which launched in 2015 and highlights the brand’s ongoing partnership with In the spot, Damon, a co-founder of, addresses viewers about something they probably take for granted, “clean water at the turn of a tap.” (Read More)