AXW Weekly Update

December 22, 2017 | Vol. XLII


Dunkin’ Donuts Dipping into the Craft Beer World

DD’s first beer collaboration was with North Carolina-based Catawba Brewing Company for the Dunkin’ Punkin’ Brown Ale, including 60 kegs of the beer that incorporated DD’s cold brew and flavoring agents released in conjunction with National Coffee Day this past fall. (Read More)



NFC North Champion Vikings check one box, aim for the next

With the NFC North title in hand, the Minnesota Vikings have guaranteed themselves a home game to start the playoffs. Now it’s time to schedule it for the second weekend in January, rather than the first. “We’re still playing for seeding. We would like to play, if possible, every game at U.S. Bank Stadium,” head coach Mike Zimmer said. “I know we’re going to get one, but we’re kind of greedy.” (Read More)




What to expect from the NBA 2K League

The developer of the popular NBA 2K video game series, the NBA 2K League is the first esports league operated by a US professional sports league. Participating teams have the ability to sell both real and virtual commercial inventory, including jersey patches, on-court signage, and naming rights to their virtual home arena. The Cavaliers, whose esports representative is known as Cavs Legion Gaming, became the first team to sign a virtual jersey sponsor when they partnered with Hot Pockets. (Read More)


What is MoviePass? They just hit 1 million subscribers

MoviePass, the company that plans to revolutionize movie theaters with a flat monthly ticket rate, has reached 1 million subscribers since August. Though MoviePass has been around for several years, in August it was acquired by Helios and Matheson Analytics Inc. and lowered the monthly subscription rate to just $10. MoviePass users can see up to one film per calendar day by checking in on the mobile app and then paying with the MoviePass credit card. (Read More)


NBC to Stream Sunday Night Football Games to Mobile Devices Next Season

Today, NBCUniversal announced it has acquired the rights to stream its Sunday Night Football games to mobile phones for the first time starting next season. While NBC Sports Digital has been streaming Sunday Night Football to desktops, tablets and connected TV devices since 2008, it was unable to stream to mobile phones due to Verizon’s stranglehold on NFL mobile streaming rights. (Read More)


The end of Net Neutrality could have far reaching implications for sports

It’s time for leagues and media companies to start cutting deals now. The NFL just cut a huge deal to stream in-market games on Verizon’s service. Maybe that relationship has an effect on other NFL streaming games. The NBA already has a deal with Verizon as well. Prior to the end of net neutrality the deal only consisted of content and sponsorship. (Read More)


Startup GumGum is using image recognition technology for online advertising

GumGum uses patented algorithms to “read” online images and then places related advertisements on top of them. For a client like Ford, for instance, GumGum can find all the images on the websites of its 2,000 publishing partners (including Time, Wenner Media and Hearst) that relate to road trips and then drop a small Ford Explorer ad along the bottom of the picture or video player. GumGum charges advertisers for the service and shares the revenue with its publishing partners. The company grew revenue from $72 million in 2016 to about $110 million this year. (Read More)