AXW Weekly Update

September 22, 2017 | Vol. XXXI


Coca-Cola’s Corporate Brand Campaign Moves Beyond Soda

The spot, airing during NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” broadcast, seeks to reintroduce the beverage giant to Americans as the company completes a decade-long refranchising initiative that returns ownership of local bottlers to independent companies. In doing so, Coke sold off capital-intensive manufacturing and distribution operations as it evolves into a company with a central focus on marketing and innovation. (Read More)


Coca-Cola has a sponsorship deal with a virtual soccer star in FIFA 18

In EA’s upcoming FIFA 18 game for PlayStation 4, on sale Sept. 29, Coca-Cola will be promoted through the fictional soccer star Alex Hunter. Players can play as Hunter, who, after rising to fame as a member of the LA Galaxy team, signs a deal with Coca-Cola and shoots a commercial in one of the scenes of the game. For Coca-Cola, it’s all about engaging fans across multiple dimensions. “It gives another way consumers can appreciate the brand,” Matt Wolf, VP of entertainment, ventures and strategic alliances at Coca-Cola. (Read More)



Minnesota Vikings Launch “Vikings Now” App to Connected TV

“By expanding to connected TV, fans are now able to watch their favorite Vikings videos and stories in 1080p HD right on their television,” said Vikings Executive Director of Digital Media and Innovation, Scott Kegley. Through dotstudioPRO, the Minnesota Vikings can now distribute and syndicate exclusive content at any time. (Read More)




How Equinox uses its mobile app to collect customer data

Over the last year, Equinox, which has 89 clubs in 12 different regions, has focused on bringing in as much data as possible from members and then targeting it across geographies, interest levels and more. About 80 percent of Equinox’s members use the company’s mobile app, and 88 percent are registered online. Data points like where guests check in to the clubs, the types of classes they favor, their fitness goals and whether they do personal training or go to the spa are all brought together. (Read More)


Nike and the NBA unveil connected jerseys

Nike just announced the “Nike NBA Jersey with NikeConnect”, a connected jersey that allows wearers to get highlight reels, scores, stats and exclusive content from and about their favorite players and teams with a tap of their phones on the jersey’s tag. By tapping the NikeConnect logo on the tags of jerseys, folks get a world of content at their fingertips. (Read More)


NFL gets 15 Seconds of Fame Fan Video App

Fans at NFL stadiums who appear on television during a game will be able to receive that video moment on their phone through the 15SOF app, and can then share their personalized digital clip across social media channels. Additionally, the app will enable spectators to access and share videoboard footage from inside league venues. The agreement sees 15SOF expand its presence within North American sport, adding to partnerships with a host of teams throughout the NBA, NHL and MLB. (Read More)