AXW Weekly Update

September 01, 2017 | Vol. XXVIII


Coca-Cola’s spend on advertising last year

Coca-Cola’s advertising needs are elevated right now for two main reasons. First, demand for traditional soda, especially diet drinks, is falling. As a result, the company needs to support its products with more consumer-facing media to protect its market share in a weakening industry. These investments helped organic revenue rise 3% in 2016 despite just a 1% uptick in volume. Second, Coke is responding to rapidly changing consumer preferences by adding healthier options across its massive portfolio of beverage brands. (Read More)


Coca-Cola’s AI Approach to Customer Experience Can Boost Its Performance

The company is looking to connect its vending machines to the cloud, giving it an ability to control them digitally. This technology upgrade will allow Coca-Cola to remotely adjust the prices of products sold via these machines (digitally) making it easier to introduce discounts and promotions at a specific location. Further, customers will be able to buy their drinks from this vending machine via smartphones even before reaching the machine. (Read More)




Evian extends ‘Oversize’ campaign for US Open sponsorship

The bottled water brand is installing larger-than-life tennis-themed photo booths in Flushing Meadows, New York City, where visitors to the grand slam tennis tournament can shoot personalized GIFs, upload them immediately to their smartphones and then share on social media channels Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Those who do share have a chance to win prizes like autographed tennis apparel from the brand ambassadors promoting “Oversize.” (Read More)


IBM Renews Tennis’ U.S. Open Deal for 5 Years, Will Showcase Watson Media

IBM renewed its U.S. Open sponsorship for five years and announced a series of artificial intelligence initiatives tied to the tennis event under the banner of new business unit, Watson Media. The core of the effort is cognitive highlights, which identify the match’s most important moments by analyzing on-court stats, sounds from the crowd and the reactions of a player using both action and facial expression recognition. (Read More)


Barstool Sports could be the next ESPN, but only if it keeps its top talent

Barstool Sports is one of the most talked about new sports-related companies to appear in the last decade. Since early last year, it’s been 51 percent owned by The Chernin Group, which kept the core personalities of the original Boston-based Barstool and pushed it out nationally. Besides podcasts, it also has a website and video clips it distributes socially, and it’s experimented with a linear TV show. (Read More)