AXW Weekly Update

August 25, 2017 | Vol. XXVII


Dunkin’ Donuts Goes All in for the Solar Eclipse with ‘Moonchkin’ App

The Moonchkin app uses your phone’s GPS tracking system to find out where you are in relation to the sun. It then calls on cross-referencing the star maps API to find the sun’s position in the sky. Once the coordinates lock up, you can watch as a munchkin creates a total solar eclipse. (Read More)


Dunkin’ Donuts uses social media to find next year’s iced coffee flavor

Dunkin’ Donuts is holding a social media-based contest to let fans determine which Baskin-Robbins-inspired iced coffee flavor it should launch next summer. Customers can vote for the flavors on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram through Friday, at which point they can vote in Dunkin’ Donuts stores using a special Snapchat filter. (Read More)




Genesis Augmented Reality App Makes Car Owner Manuals Obsolete

Genesis Virtual Guide from Hyundai’s luxury car brand Genesis is a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive digital guide for owners of the marque’s G80 and G90 sedans. The app removes the need for a bulky owner’s manual, replacing it instead with software containing all the information found in a printed manual, along with how-to videos, three-dimensional overlay pictures, and an easily navigable interface. (Read More)


Hyundai Brings Genesis to Europe

Hyundai’s Genesis brand plans to start selling vehicles in the UK, Germany, and Switzerland by early 2020. The small-scale venture will initially be restricted to one boutique outlet per country, in London, Munich, and Zurich. Sales will be done exclusively online via direct marketing, so there will be no dealers, only highly efficient service operations tucked away in the suburbs. (Read More)




Vikings Launch New Foundation Dedicated to Children’s Health and Education

Minnesota Vikings Owner/President Mark Wilf and Chief Operating Officer Kevin Warren announced the launch of the Minnesota Vikings Foundation, a new charitable organization dedicated to advancing the well-being of youth through engaging health and education initiatives. The foundation builds upon the efforts of the Vikings Children’s Fund, which has served as the Vikings grant-making organization since 1978 and donated nearly $12 million to youth-related causes. (Read More)




Amazon is lowering Whole Foods prices on Monday

Whole Foods Market will offer lower prices starting Monday on a selection of best-selling grocery staples across its stores, with more to come. Items that will be marked down on Monday include organic avocados, organic brown eggs, organic salmon, almond butter, organic apples and organic rotisserie chicken. Amazon said it’ll keep the markdowns coming, and that Prime members will get additional discounts at Whole Foods. (Read More)


How small sports leagues are using Facebook to drive tune-in

Small sports leagues are using Facebook video to drive tune-in to live games. To get people to watch Major League Soccer’s second Heineken Rivalry Week of the year on TV, MLS created 12 video ads for Facebook and Instagram, where they’re being targeted to soccer fans, team-specific MLS fans and other likely sports viewers across both social platforms. Other sports leagues that are niche in the U.S. use Facebook to drive tune-in and, in some cases, distribute live sports on the platform. (Read More)