AXW Weekly Update

July 28, 2017 | Vol. XXIV


Coca-Cola Axes Coke Zero for ‘Coca-Cola Zero Sugar’

The alterations seem as much about marketing as the liquid. By putting “Zero Sugar” in the name, rather than just “Zero,” the brand more clearly communicates that it does not contain sugar. The negative publicity around sugar’s link to obesity has emerged as a major threat to soda makers in recent years, which has only intensified as more local governments enact taxes on sugary drinks. (Read More)


Coca-Cola’s earnings top Wall Street expectations due to more healthy drinks

With a new chief executive at the helm, Coca-Cola reported earnings and revenue that topped analysts’ expectations. Increasingly, shoppers are searching for Coke’s healthier options — low in sugar and free of carbonation — which fueled these results, though Coca-Cola posted another drop in profit as it’s still in the midst of completing a refranchising plan. (Read More)



Sentient Jet Named Supporting Sponsor of the 2017 Candy Store Cup Regatta

Sentient Jet announced it has been named a Supporting Sponsor of the Candy Store Cup in Newport, Rhode Island, taking place July 27-29, for the second year in a row. The company will provide exclusive Jet Card offers for participants and guests, in addition to hosting a mimosa and prosecco bar at the Newport Shipyard throughout the weekend, among other special benefits for Sentient Jet Cardholders. (Read More)




What to know about Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay, which has been around since 2007, made a leap into physical retail last week with the launch of Amazon Pay Places, which lets customers pay with Amazon at participating brick-and-mortar stores. Amazon Pay lets customers pay for items in a store as if they were on; the customer simply needs to click on the Amazon Pay button to log in to their Amazon account, without the friction of having to type in credit card information or scan a photo of it. (Read More)


The newest place to premiere shows: Amazon Prime Video

As Amazon recruits video companies to distribute content on its platform, some companies are beginning to use Amazon Prime Video to premiere new programming. Funny Or Die and HowStuffWorks are releasing the new content exclusively on Prime. Amazon is becoming a “first window” for a growing group of digital video producers making video shows and short films and looking for ways to effectively make money from them. (Read More)