AXW Weekly Update

May 19, 2017 | Vol. XV


Coca-Cola: The Beginning of a New Era

Coca-Cola controls almost 50% of worldwide beverage market by sales, equating to 1.9B servings of their product being sold each day. KO is currently in the middle of a huge transformation from selling mostly carbonated beverages, to selling still beverages and waters. In addition to expanding still beverage options, they may also market smaller sized packaging for their carbonated beverages. Smaller sized beverages contain less calories and a higher profit margin for the company, a win-win. (Read More)


Coca-Cola’s image-based targeting strategy pays off for Gold Peak

Gold Peak tapped into an image recognition engine that identified people who posted images that featured glasses or jugs of iced tea, displayed emotions such as happiness and excitement as well as contained cans or bottles of its competitors, including Snapple, Honest Tea, Lipton and others. Those people were then served Gold Peak ads on 40 mobile sites and apps after leaving Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. (Read More)



Dunkin’ Donuts Briefly Flirts with Nixing K-Cups

Dunkin’ Donuts shareholders recently debated whether to reconsider its booming K-cup business —the disposable single-serve coffee pods made ubiquitous by manufacturer Keurig Green Mountain. The reason is due to the environmental impact of the pods, which have been known to clog landfills. It’s estimated that billions of K-cups end up in American landfills each year. More than 80% of shareholders voted against the proposal. (Read More)



Vikings Executives show off their future home

The 40-acre Vikings facility will be located within the 200-acre Viking Lakes facility that will feature a new 88,000-square-foot facility for Twin Cities Orthopedics, as well as residential housing and potential commercial, office and hotel and restaurant areas. The TCO Performance Center will more than double of the space of the Vikings’ current facility, Winter Park in Eden Prairie, from 138,000 square feet to 277,002 square feet. (Read More)


Will 2017 be Vikings’ last training camp in Mankato?

During a presentation of the team’s new practice facility on Wednesday, Vikings COO Kevin Warren stressed no decision had been made about the future of Vikings training camp, which has been held in Mankato since 1966. He acknowledged, though, that the team’s deal with the university, which runs through 2018, allows either party to revisit the situation in December and opt out of the agreement. And though Warren spoke warmly of the team’s relationship with Minnesota State, he admitted “it’s possible” this year could be the Vikings’ final training camp there. (Read More)



Rolls-Royce Debuts ‘Wisdom’ Collection Inspired by the Father of the Nation

As a tribute to the founding father of the UAE, the late President and Ruler of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Abu Dhabi Motors has commissioned a collection of seven Bespoke Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. The number of cars reflects the number of emirates in the country and each of the cars will be customized to reflect different aspects of the country. (Read More)




Amazon is the 2nd most popular app among teens, higher than Instagram

When it comes to apps they’re using these days, teens and millennials say Snapchat is king. This is according to a survey — The 2017 Love List Brand Affinity Index, run by Condé Nast and Goldman Sachs — that asked 2,345 U.S. millennial and Gen Z shoppers about their fashion, retail and consumer preferences. “Users are looking for efficiency, speed and convenience, and Amazon hits all those buckets,” said Conde Nast chief marketing officer Pam Drucker Mann. (Read More)


Bud Capitalizes on Jeter Ceremony with ‘This Bud’s for 2’

Two days before the ceremony, Budweiser honored the retired shortstop in a fitting tribute, “This Bud’s For 2.” The video, created by Budweiser and produced by VaynerMedia, begins with highlights from Jeter’s final game in the Bronx, then shows various twos being removed around New York: a lighted 2 outside an entrance to the subway, a neon 2 in the window of a 24-hour establishment, a chalk-drawn 2 promoting a “2 for 1” happy hour, and so on. (Read More)


Pepsi is using Snapchat to promote new limited-edition Pepsi Fire

Pepsi Fire arrives in stores from 22 May for an eight-week period and, to coincide with this release, specially marked packs of Fire, Pepsi, Pepsi Zero Sugar and Pepsi Wild Cherry will feature a Snapcode, as part of the brand’s ‘Snap-unlock-win’ promotion. Scanning the Snapcode will unlock ‘unique lenses, geofilters and a new Pepsi mobile game’ – which, if unlocked, will give 10 winners per day prizes, including games consoles, festival experiences, and to meet TBS’s Conan O’Brien after attending a taping of his show. (Read More)


Heineken’s New “0.0” No-Booze Beer Set to Target Coke Drinkers

One of the world’s biggest brewers, Heineken, has unveiled a new no-alcohol beer that it hopes will tap into a new breed of health and weight conscious drinkers who’d prefer not to get drunk. No-booze beer comes with far less tax, which Heineken hopes will allow it to play in the soft-drink market space and offer a beverage that it believes is far healthier to many sugary juices and fizzy drinks on the market. 0.0 reportedly has half the calories of a can of Coke or full-strength beer. (Read More)


#NuggsForCarter Means Over $7 Million Earned Media Value for Wendy’s

It all started when a 16-year-old named Carter Wilkerson asked the restaurant how many retweets it would take to earn him a year’s supply of free chicken nuggets. When Wendy’s gave him a seemingly impossible number (18 million), the hungry nugget-lover wasn’t deterred — and #NuggsForCarter was born. In the end, Carter didn’t break 18 million retweets, but he did end up breaking all Twitter records. And yes, he got his nuggs. (Read More)


Facebook and MLB partner to bring live-streamed games to the social network

Facebook and the MLB announced today a new live-streaming partnership that will bring 20 live, regular season games to the social network. The games will air weekly on Facebook, with the first — Rockies at Reds — showing tomorrow night at 7:10 PM ET on the official MLB Facebook Page. Additional games and times will be announced later. The weekly broadcasts on Facebook will come from a feed of a participating team’s local broadcaster rights holder, the companies said. (Read More)