AXW Weekly Update

May 12, 2017 | Vol. XIV


Why your online shopping habit is a threat to Coca-Cola

Consumers are increasingly shopping online, spending more time on mobile apps, and getting groceries delivered to their homes. And that’s hitting Coca-Cola in ways you might not expect. When shoppers skip trips to the local mall and get their clothes at Amazon, they also forgo buying Coke at a vending machine or food court. (Read More)



Dunkin’ Donuts Deploys Second Perks Week

Starting May 15, and running through May 19, Dunkin’ Donuts is dishing out daily deals to its DD Perks Rewards members. Its first five-day spread of discounts launched in November, and the company said it saw enrollment in its rewards program double during that week alone and its app downloads nearly double, too. The original idea came from e-commerce giant Amazon’s success with its Prime Day. In July, Amazon’s second-annual day of deals for its Prime members resulted in a 60 percent spike in global orders. (Read More)



Flexport & the Changing Face of Shipping Logistics

Ryan Petersen is the founder and CEO of Flexport. He is also the founder and ex-CEO of, the largest provider of business intelligence to the import-export industry. In 2005, Petersen spent time living in China to work closely with manufacturers and freight forwarding partners. It was here where he formulated his own ideas on what the supply chain could be. “I was frustrated with the inefficient and outdated processes of shipping goods internationally. Nothing was ever indexed properly and there was no software layer to help you find and sort your goods.” (Read More)



Minnesota Vikings want to host NFL draft in 2022 or 2023

The Minnesota Vikings want to show off their new digs in Eagan and Minneapolis by hosting the NFL draft in 2022 or 2023. Vikings executive vice president Lester Bagley said Tuesday the team put in an application to the New York-based league 13 months ago to play host to the event which would showcase the team’s new home in Eagan and U.S. Bank Stadium. (Read More)


Last steel piece installed at Minnesota Vikings’ TCO Performance Center

After more than 80,000 hours of working on the Minnesota Vikings’ new Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center, which will be the headquarters for the Vikings starting in 2018, construction crews hoisted the final piece of steel into position on Wednesday. The TCO Performance Center is scheduled to open in March 2018, about one month after U.S. Bank Stadium hosts its first Super Bowl in downtown Minneapolis. (Read More)



Emirati artist Mohammed Kazem designs bespoke Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce bespoke is booming. The company achieved record sales last year with the delivery of 3,785 bespoke cars, and it is estimated that 85 percent of all Rolls-Royce motor cars sold around the world are now commissioned with some level of bespoke features. It takes roughly 60 pairs of hands about 400 hours to create a Rolls-Royce, although it can take a lot longer for a heavily bespoke commission. (Read More)



How Bobby Flay Does The Derby

In town to celebrate the “most exciting two minutes in sports,” renowned chef Bobby Flay took off from New York in Louisville Sentient Jet’s Derby Air, a bespoke jet shuttle service that transported VIPs to the Derby. Flay set the pace for a great day at the races by cooking up a storm. The Derby Day Breakfast he hosted with Sentient Jet was held at the 21cMuseum Hotel, an art space and hotel in one. Flay’s exclusive Derby cocktail, the Kentucky 95, debuted at the brunch. (Read More)




NFL, NFLPA, MLB Each Purchase Equity Stake in Fanatics

The NFL, NFLPA and MLB have all “purchased equity stakes” online retailer Fanatics, which has “grown to become one of the largest licensees of each league. In March, NFL owners “authorized the purchase” of a 3% equity stake in Fanatics for $95M. A 3% stake at $95M would give Fanatics a valuation of $3.17B, more than twice its revenue and easily making it the biggest ‘pure play’ in sports licensing. (Read More)


Snapchat Is Killing Its Infamous Time Limit

The Snapchat update rolls out a few new features that seem poised to change the platform in a big way. Most importantly, Snapchat’s infamous time limits — the at-most ten-second period your friends are given to hastily watch, and maybe screenshot, a snap before it vanishes — are now optional. Users can choose to send snaps without a time limit by tapping the infinity symbol that now appears as a time option. When a user receives an infinite snap, they’ll be able to watch it for as long as they want. (Read More)


PepsiCo signs deal with Alibaba

PepsiCo has signed an agreement with Alibaba Group, an on-line and mobile commerce company, to sell products in China. The agreement builds upon a relationship the companies have had since 2012, when PepsiCo established a flagship store on Alibaba’s Tmall platform. Over the past few years, the two have worked together to launch a series of online marketing initiatives, including PepsiCo’s 2016 Super Brand Day, Quaker’s co-branded campaign with Tmall during Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival and Kumamon-branded Lay’s gift campaign during the Chinese New Year. (Read More)


JetSmarter launches Charterhope allowing infants to travel private

JetSmarter recently launched a charitable initiative called #CharterHope that allows members to send private charters to bring immunocompromised infants home for the first time. Through the #CharterHope initiative, JetSmarter members can donate flight credit towards the creation of private charters. These private flights allow families and their immunocompromised newborns to avoid crowded commercial airports and fly home worry-free. (Read More)