Pamela Casequin

Director, Client Services

Pamela’s adventurous nature has landed her in numerous countries—everywhere from the Philippines to Egypt to the U.K. to China—where she learned to adapt to different cultures wherever she went. Now in Hong Kong, Pamela oversees the account management of AXW Asia’s clients. Her analytical personality helps her to see the big picture, focus on objectives and use the resources she needs to produce carefully considered solutions for her clients. Prior to AXW, Pamela played an integral role from building the Swedish beauty brand, FOREO, from strategy ideation to global launch. Her experience runs the gamut after working with everything from multinational companies to startups in the brand and marketing space. She’s rather determined; so much so that despite considering herself tone deaf, she continues to belt out every song that she hears. As much as Pamela loves to travel, she is terrified of flying. If only a car or a boat could travel at 600 mph. Trying to stay on land when possible, Pamela enjoys hiking, yoga and playing with her Bolognese puppy—and no, he does not look spaghetti with meat sauce.