Hayley Bosch


If there’s one thing people would say about Hayley, it’s that she asks a lot of questions. Luckily, she has been able to channel her curiosity into her role as the Question Master in Residence—aka a strategist. Hayley learns everything there is to know about the marketing landscape, the latest trends and the client’s industry to lay the foundation for the strategy. Hayley's curiosity landed her in her previous life as a travel writer at Forbes Travel Guide, which she pursued until the lure of the Big Apple finally got the best of her. In an attempt to keep her inquisitive mind on a leash, Hayley took up long distance running, completing three full marathons and more than a dozen half marathons. As fate would have it, her Yorkie, Paul Pierce, is just as curious as Hayley is and insists on exploring the world alongside her—though he prefers to cheer from the sidelines when it comes to marathons.